Mulles Craft Storage

Hello everyone!
I just uploaded a new video about my craft storage.
My sister will upload her craft storage soon and we 
will also do a back to school haul, because we got cute little planers from korea :)

Hope you enjoyed this video.

have a nice day and keep crafting 



Mulles Charm Collection

Hello everyone!
I uploaded our first video after the new start.
I really hope i can manage to upload at least one video per week.

Watch my Charm Collection here:

My sisters charm collection will come on tuesday, i hope.

Thanks for reading
and keep crafting,


The Video is uploaded

I finally managed to upload our video about the new start .
You can watch it here:

you can e-mail us if you like:

have a nice day


Sad News

Hey everyone!
In the last post i wrote about uploading a video (about our new start on YouTube) on the 10th of january,
 it was a bad idea because our dad is on a trip and he needed the MacBook.
We need the MacBook for editing our videos.
I tried editing with another computer, it did not work.
"Why is it always me?"-Neville Longbottom.
I´m sorry! I promise i will try editing the video as soon as he´s back .

Maybe on our birthday, sunday.
So you will se it on the 13th of january.

Have a nice day and be nice :)


A New Start

Hello everyone.
We were extremely unhappy with our Blog and Youtube
so we decided to start again.
We deleted our old Blog and old YouTube videos,
on the 10th of january we will upload a Video that´ll explain everything.
Have a nice day
Loni & Mulle